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All Proceeds go to Lions Charities

Meetings and Events:

  • Next Newtown Lions Club Blood Drive is Thursday August 31 from 8:30AM to 6:30PM at Newtown Congregational Church
  • Next Newtown Lions Club Train Show Organizational Meeting on Tuesday August 22nd at 5PM at Newtown Country Club
  • Next Newtown Lions Club dinner meeting is Wednesday September 13th 6PM at Newtown Country Club
  • Next Newtown Lions Club Board Meeting is Wednesday September20 at 7PM at Lion ANdrew's House
  • Thank You for all your support- --See Calendar Link on this page for other details on our events -- Best Regards and Be Kind from the Newtown Lions Club

  • Some of the charities we serve:

  • Abilities Beyond Disabilities

  • Faith Food Pantry

  • Parent Connection

  • Relay for Life

  • Newtown Youth and Social Services

  • American Diabetes

  • Connecticut Radio Information Service (CRIS)

  • Fidelco

  • Low vision Centers

  • Make a Wish Foundation

  • Salvation Army

  • Lions International Sight First II

  • American Red Cross

  • Kevin's Community Center

  • Unite for Sight

  • Newtown Meals on Wheels

  • World Help Foundation

  • Dorothy Day

  • Americares

  • Cullen Memorial

  • Newtown Fire Commission

  • FISH

  • Newtown Summer Festival

  • Shelter of the Cross


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    the greatest reward - Lionism

    The Great Pootatuck Duck Race
    in Sandy Hook, Ct.

    Thanks to every one for participating!

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    Newtown Sandy Hook Community Fund

    The Newtown Lions Club supports fund raising efforts for those still affected by the Tragedy of 12/14/12. Many were effected by Post Traumatic Shock Disorder especially many children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. We ask that your thoughts and prayers are with the fallen, families, our town, and country. We need to come together as a nation to address the deeper underlying societal challenges that affect us all. God Help Us and Bless Us. The Newtown Lions Club Foundation is a 501 (c)3 organization which is partnering with the Newtown Sandy Hook Community Fund to help the Survivors of this tragedy.  If you would like to apply for help with your counseling costs, contact the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness at 203-270-4612 Additional Resources are listed here: 


    Newtown Sandy Hook Community Fund












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